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Maryland Crab Cakes Special!!


Maryland Crab Cake Specials!! Try Our True Blue Maryland Crab certified crab cakes today!

-Maryland Backfin $6.99 (REG PRICE $9.50)

-Maryland Jumbo Lump $9.99 (REG PRICE $14.50)

**Available in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 24 pack**

What is the difference between a Jumbo Lump and a Backfin crab cake? Both are prepared with the same delicious ingredients except that one is made with only Jumbo Lump crab meat and the other is made with only Backfin crab meat. Jumbo Lump is known for its incomparable elegance and visual appeal. Backfin has the same fine flavor and texture of Jumbo Lump, but is in smaller pieces. We only use FRESH Maryland crab meat for both kinds of crab cakes, never frozen or pasteurized. We have been True-Blue Maryland Crab certified with the Department of Natural Resources since 2012–which verifies our use of only Maryland crab meat.